JK to Inkou Kyoushi 4 feat. Ero Giin-sensei 1-2 5/5 (1)


Hatsune is enjoying her vacation on a cruise. She was brought by Sensei, who she hasn’t had to herself for a while. Tolerating the embarrassment, she shows off her excellent body with a skimpy bikini that Sensei told her to put on. She was filled with joy after Sensei expressed his want for her to make friends with those of her age as he fucked her with his rod that stuck out from his swimsuit.

On the other hand, there is the cheeky model magazine that makes her manager/teacher quell her body whenever she gets hot. She complains to him saying “Why do I have to look after the exchange student?” but is easily coaxed into doing what he says… Simple as ever, Shizuka ends up meeting with Hatsune who has come to her school. Dumbfounded on how someone could look like a princess straight out of a story, Shizuka gets all buddy with Hatsune saying that she would love to meet her father who is a legislator. Thinking to herself that using her weapons as a high school girl would be more than enough for some legislator, she goes to visit Hatsune and the legislator, but…


Previously, Shizuka ended up getting arrested (while in the middle of fucking in the bathroom) for playing a bad joke on Hatsune’s father/sensei when she visited his office… In the interrogation room, her eyes are completely blank… She mumbles in her stupor that her life is over, as a policewoman that looks like Hatsune waves her hand. Off in her own world, she imagines after serving her sentence that she is assaulted and gets her clothes ripped by her teacher/fuck buddy Yamada, who blames her for his life going south… As Hatsune watches Shizuka imagine her future in her slutty cosplay, she takes out her boobs as she kneels in front of her husband.

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